I wanted to share with you a couple of the artists in my circles whose work I really admire, so you folks can have a look at some cool new art.


Serena is an Ontario-based artist focused on realism. Her work is highly detailed and expressive! I especially like this watercolour orange, because simplistic as the composition is, you can tell just how much work was put into it. The shading is also very impressive.

You can find more of her work here.


Robyn’s art is highly imaginative and polished. Many worlds are created and explored within it. With this painting, I think the colors used are evocative of otherworldly imagery. This one especially reminds me of some early pieces from the Symbolist movement, such as ‘The Cyclops’ by Odilon Redon. You can find more here!


Tarquin has been a long-term collaborator and friend – very talented musician with an innovative pop sound, whose music has been featured on shows such as Kim’s Convenience! Her most recent song, a collaboration called “Good Old Days” can be found here.

Every Saturday I will be showcasing and supporting several artists who inspire me and whose work I really like – This is the first of many, so get your wallets ready to buy their music, prints, photographs, and more.

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