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I’m Making a Game?

Back in 2019, I made a short text adventure in Inform 7, an interactive fiction engine released around 1993. It was called Marchester Manor.

Marchester Manor‘s first iteration was a school project – a late 80s style text adventure set in an abandoned mansion in the Louisiana swampland, focusing on exploration and a gradual expansion of the world around the player as they found ways to proceed (keys, tools, etc).

This time I’m making it in Twine, which will give me a lot more freedom in terms of imagery & sound, and will also allow for me to make it web-based so I can embed it here.

Here is a short clip of Marchester Manor as it’s looking at this point in development!

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  1. My first games like this were entirely text based. I always had a piece of paper near by so that I could map out the scene. Of course there were no links and I often got hopelessly lost in a corner of the game. I love the way your graphics here relate back to PacMan, the first “real” video game I ever played. I was the middle aged woman at the arcade with the 12 year old son of two faculty members, neither of whom wanted to accompany him to the place.


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