Hey folks! This is the second entry in the series where I showcase creators and artists in my circles whose work I admire. This time I’ll be showcasing some artists outside of Toronto as well.


Flukelady (Alley) is a fantastic lowbrow artist from Philadelphia. I found her work about a year ago and have been hooked since! I like this piece especially, it really recalls so much of that childhood nostalgia / liminal space aesthetic that I love so much. See more of her work on her website here.


Leo’s art is a beautiful mix of high-intensity playful color with finely-tuned realistic characters. It reminds me a lot of late 80s California artists like Gary Panter! I’ve known him for a very long time, and had the chance to see his art grow and mature over the years. You can buy his artwork here.

Paddington Scott

If you were to ask me which North American street photographer of the 21st century I admire most, I would wholeheartedly say that Paddington Scott has that honor.

His work is a great throwback to older street photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson and especially Brassai, as Scott’s main body of work revolves around nighttime Toronto Street photography. All in all, very professional and refined pieces. You can find his work on his website here.

That’s all for now – but catch this series again every other Saturday, where I’ll be showcasing three more artists every other week.

This blog will become more active in the next few weeks as I’ve got more free time after recently finishing a project! Hope you guys enjoyed.

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  1. I loved the photos by Paddington Scott and spent quite a bit of time looking through them. I was particularly taken by a photo of a discarded medical mask caught in a fence. Seemed very timely.


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